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September 2017 - Why Involving Your Customer in Experimentation Can Drive Success

It is no secret that big business in recent years has transitioned, on the most part, from the serving of shareholders to the serving of stakeholders, companies such as Google, PwC, Apple, and certainly us here at Salesforce, have all adopted a customer-centric strategy and seemingly have been reaping the benefits. But just how effective can this customer-centric strategy be, when you turn the focus towards driving your organisation's wider innovation goals? Click the link below to see an excellent blog post on experimentation to look at how customer involvement can significantly help your innovation agenda through experimentation.

Why Involving Your Customer in Experimentation Can Drive Success

Whilst the business case applies rigour to ideas, the initial period of creation, review and approval has a high possibility of being wasted time. If the idea is deemed infeasible due to a whole range of factors: budget, resource, time, strategic priorities etc. Now multiply this by potentially hundreds of ideas which may be flowing, unknowingly, around your business. We have a loss of productivity and potentially game-changing ideas which may be caught up in process and bureaucracy. All this is without considering the fact that a significant proportion of major projects fail. Experimentation, as a way to test ideas, is able to massively accelerate your innovation agenda at a vastly reduced impact to your business. Experiments are generally operated as prototypes, often with minimal or no code (from a tech sense).

August 2017 - How To Develop A B2B Salesforce Marketing Strategy

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is the act of marketing products and services to businesses, rather than to individual customers (B2C). The first thing you realise when you start marketing to businesses rather than consumers is that different rules apply. Sure, the basic principles are the same; you’ll still do things like run email campaigns, segment your audiences and try to measure response rates and ROI. But there are fundamental differences between the way you do business-to-consumer marketing and how you should approach your B2B marketing strategy. Salesforce have created an excellent blog post which can be accessed by clicking the image below.

How To Develop A B2B Salesforce Marketing Strategy

B2B sales and marketing is characterised by longer-term relationships with fewer customers. Accordingly, B2B companies tend to spend proportionately more on salespeople and account managers who can develop and maintain personal connections with customers, learning about their needs to help them through the buying process and beyond.

Effective B2B marketing, therefore, requires comprehensive, up-to-date customer information that can support this relationship-building activity. Your CRM should enable you to track a customer throughout their relationship with your business, from first contact through to purchase and beyond. A system in which marketing, sales and other departments use the same customer information and see one another’s activity gives you the chance to really coordinate your marketing in a way that focuses on the customer.

July 2017 - The Salesforce Advantage - To Help You Succeed

Salesforce was founded on a simple principle: to exist to help our customers succeed. That principle has formed the basis of our business model, and it has instilled a culture of constant improvement and innovation throughout our organization. Built an entirely with an ecosystem around customer success, from teams of customer success managers and program architects, to a broad network of partners and independent software vendors that help you get the most out of Salesforce, to our vibrant Success Community. Please download the PDF to see how Salesforce can help you succeed.

The Salesforce Advantage - To Help You Succeed

At Salesforce, you don’t buy our software and never hear from them again instead, they and their partners work with you to keep delivering value, even as your business grows and changes. Customer success managers are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your Salesforce license including training, certification, support, and consulting programs offer expertise and insights designed to help you get results faster.

June 2017 - How To Make Your Mobile Workforce More Productive

As competition in your industry increases, it is more important than ever for your sales team to be performing at 100%. Salespeople should show up to every call with all the pieces in place to close the sale, every time. Gone are the days of “I will email you the details tomorrow.” You need to have all the information in the moment, the means to connect to your team on the fly, and a tool that is both easy to use and consistent across platforms. Please download the PDF to see how Salesforce can help you more productive.

How To Make Your Mobile Workforce More Productive

A mobile workforce must be able to access all the important and relevant information they may need for a meeting, right when they need it. Whether you are looking for a refresher on your prospect’s most recent account activity, support cases, or purchase history, or you want to arm yourself with all the latest product and pricing information, a mobile CRM solution can help you do it in the moment or even onsite at your next meeting. It’s like having a virtual cross functional team that is always with you, ready to brief you on all the information you need to know

May 2017 - 9 Principles of Killer Dashboards

When there’s a difficult business decision ahead, you know that just getting your hands on supporting data isn’t enough. It’s all in how you look at the numbers. Great dashboards put the data that really matters in front of the team members who need it most. That way, everyone gets the big picture and you can make the right call.

9 Principles of Killer Dashboards

This e-book will help you build exceptional dashboards so your team can:

  • Align around similar objectives
  • Track success in the same ways
  • Focus on moving the same needles

April 2017 - How to Decide Which CRM Solution is Right For You

Choosing a CRM system to manage customer relationships is one of the most important decisions a small business can make. But with so many options, how do you know which system is right for you? This e-book simplifies the big decision by guiding you through. Implementing a CRM solution to manage customer relationships, as well as the data and information associated with them, is a big step, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  • The different kinds of CRM
  • CRM pros and cons
  • The move to the cloud
How to Decide Which CRM Solution is Right For You

So, how do you know which kind of CRM solution is right for your business? In this e-book, we will explain the two basic types of CRM, dish up some food for thought when it comes to the pros and cons of each, and finally, give you a handy little worksheet to help you sort it all out. Grab your free e-book and find the right CRM solution for your business.

March 2017 - The State Of Sales Insights & Trends From Over 3000 Businesses

Throughout this report, data is examined relative to business performance to identify patterns for overall success. High-performing sales teams are those that significantly increased year-over year (YoY) revenue. See page 4 for a breakdown of high performers, moderate performers, and underperformers.

Salesforce Research surveyed over 3,100 global sales professionals to discover:

  • Which overall trends are changing the role of sales?
  • How is sales pivoting to be smarter, faster, and more customer-centric?
  • Which technologies are the most impactful for improving sales productivity and efficiency?
  • Which strategies and tools are high performers adopting to stay ahead of the pack?
  • What does the future of selling look like?
The State Of Sales Insights & Trends From Over 3000 Businesses

What trends define the new era of selling? Technology-empowered and information-savvy customers now expect sales reps to be intuitive, knowledgeable, fast, and personal. The new blueprint of sales replaces product pitches with tailored customer solutions, reshapes traditional success metrics to prioritize customer experience, and overhauls business-as-usual processes with innovative technology adoption. As companies ready for the intelligent marketplace of the future, successful sales teams are arming their reps with smarter selling capabilities.

February 2017 - Introducing Sales Cloud Lightning

Sales Cloud Lightning is designed around the way you want to sell, and puts data where you need it. The application allows you to sell smarter, sell faster, sell from anywhere and sell the way you want to. Lightning Experience is a new, fast, beautiful user experience. The initial release focuses on reinventing the desktop environment with the best CRM user interface design possible to better support and quicken your sales process.

Introducing Sales Cloud Lightning

Sell smarter - View critical deal details on an interactive home page. Get instant alerts to adjust strategy with up-to-date info. Access best practices on sales, instantly. Update forecasts and make the smart moves that drive win rates skyward. Sell faster - Know what to do next, faster. Make strategic adjustments with drag-and-drop ease. Get insightful recommendations and next steps within your sales cycle. Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity by tracking activities and writing emails from your CRM solution.

Sell from anywhere - Stay on top of your day from your mobile device, from viewing your scheduled events to getting updates on accounts on the go. Tap into conference calls, fast. Easily access and update your CRM data to get the information you need, when you need it.

Sell the way you want - Want to work differently? Customise our bold, new look with a structure and process that works for how you need to sell. App Cloud has everything you need to build beautiful, engaging apps that transform the customer experience.

January 2017 - Salesforce® To Integrate Commerce Cloud With Facebook Dynamic Ads

Salesforce® announced the integration of Commerce Cloud with Facebook Dynamic Ads meaning that brands can leverage Commerce Cloud and Facebook in more intelligent ways to deliver relevant product information, and to drive conversions. This type of channel allows for the personalisation of adverts, retargeting of contacts and the ability to reach new prospects or contacts across all devices. Commerce Cloud’s direct integration with Facebook and Instagram connects your product database to these platforms and places the Facebook activity tracking pixel on your site. Direct integration with Facebook makes enablement fast and simple, versus having to spend money and time on custom development.

Salesforce® To Integrate Commerce Cloud With Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook dynamic adverts empower businesses to automatically advertise every product in their catalogue. Based on the items people have viewed, purchased or added to their basket, dynamic adverts help you show your products to the people more likely to purchase them. Sync your product catalogue and set up your campaign once and it will continue working for you finding the right people for each product for as long as you want.

December 2016 - Season’s Greetings From Sandyx

We would like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to all of our staff, stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customers for your support during 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 and working with all of you next year. Season’s greetings from all of us and we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

December 2016 - Season’s Greetings From Sandyx

We are the leading Salesforce® integrator in the North of the UK located right in the heart of Media City. This year has seen a strong level of growth and we will be developing more new applications in 2017. Our partnership with Salesforce® has gone from strength to strength and we are excited by the prospect of working even more closely in the coming year.

November 2016 - Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence AI for CRM

Technology is evolving faster than ever, with an estimated 6 billion connected devices creating an unprecedented network of information and interaction. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next major wave of innovation, driven by advances in computing power, the ability to store large volumes of data in the cloud at minimal cost, and easier access to advanced algorithms. And it will be more disruptive and powerful than any previous shift in technology.

November 2016 - Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence AI for CRM

In this e-book, you’ll learn all about AI - what it is, and how it’s transforming every business. You’ll learn how AI helps businesses answer questions like:

  • Are you selling the right product to the right customer at the right time?
  • Are you servicing customers on the right channel by the right agent?
  • Are you marketing on the right channel at the right time with the best content?
  • Are you building apps that leverage the predictive power of AI?
  • Are you ready for a more intelligent future?

October 2016 - Salesforce® 20 Customer Service Best Practices

Time to get some new customer service ideas under your belt! Based on feedback from our customers, product experts, and thought leaders, Salesforce® have pulled together an e-book with 20 customer service best practices, where you'll learn about:

October 2016 - Salesforce® 20 Customer Service Best Practices
  • Great service across all channels
  • Treating customers the best way possible
  • Building a successful customer service team
  • Download the ebook today to learn about these new and different ideas for your organisation

September 2016 - See How Analytics Is Evolving For Your Business

Companies are beginning to see the true value of the data that's all around them, and how they can turn it into distinct business advantages. But they're also realizing that their legacy business intelligence tools simply aren't up to the task of turning many sources of data into useful insights.

September 2016 - How Analytics Is Evolving For Your Business

Organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about their businesses, markets, and customers from the explosion of data being generated from a wealth of sources - from sensors to apps, software to websites. This white paper explains how Wave Analytics is putting mobile, self-service analytics in the hands of every employee and changing how companies share and explore data.

August 2016 - See What Global Sales Leaders Think Of Analytics

This spotlight looks at a few results from the “2015 State of Sales” report, providing a quick takeaway of how analytics is transforming sales. Where there’s analytics in use, there’s likely a winning sales organization. High-performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely than underperforming teams to use sales analytics. Top teams are also 4.6x more likely than underperformers to rate their basic sales analytics capabilities as outstanding or very good. For these leading teams, analytics likely provide visibility into accounts and help dictate where to focus energy for the most productive customer and prospect conversations.

August 2016 - See What Global Sales Leaders Think Of Analytics

Conducted in early 2015, the survey resulted in responses from 2,372 full-time global sales leaders from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. It was brought to life in the “2015 State Of Sales” report, a valuable overview of technology and performance insights from global leaders.

July 2016 - 5 Ways To Improve Outbound Sales Performance With Salesforce®

Learn five great methods to gain higher quality sales leads, using an approach based on developing close relationships with prospects and customers. This Salesforce® PDF explains, why quality trumps quantity when it comes to outbound prospecting, how to leverage social channels as a sales tool and what you can do to identify trigger events that signal a customer need.

July 2016 - 5 Ways To Improve Outbound Sales Performance With Salesforce®

How would you define your sales prospecting approach? Many sales professionals swear by the traditional, grind it out, numbers-based approach. This is where you pitch, pitch, pitch, and then pitch some more. After all, if you talk to enough people, some of them are going to want what you’re selling. And once you have that interested prospect identified, it’s time to work on aggressively closing that deal. Download the PDF to find out more on the 5 Ways To Improve Outbound Sales Performance.

  • Find the decision makers
  • Get ahead of the curve
  • Leverage your relationships
  • Establish credibility
  • Keep the relationship going

June 2016 - Introducing the New Salesforce® Analytics Cloud

For years, business has been divorced from data. Despite the undeniable advantages of data-driven decision-making, tools that give modern businesses a comprehensive (and comprehensible) view of their data are rare, if they exist at all. Business intelligence (BI) is a field that has attempted to close the gap between business processes and data-based insights. Yet most existing BI tools fail to meet the needs of modern business professionals. Legacy tools are designed for executives with a team of analysts, not for the everyday business user.

June 2016 - Introducing the New Salesforce® Analytics Cloud

They are impenetrable where modern workers need accessibility; rigid where professionals need flexibility; and limited in their scope and capabilities. They fail to engage the mobile workforce and leave modern business professionals without the tools they need to utilize data effectively, as they fail to leverage cloud and mobile technology. “Big Data” is a buzzword that has failed to deliver the actionable insights businesses need. Salesforce® is about to change all that. Salesforce® analytics cloud is powered by the wave platform, designed for everyone to get insight on any device, build any app, and connect any data. Want to see what this platform is really capable of? This e-book will explore the three main advantages of the new Analytics Cloud:

  • 100% Cloud Platform
  • Accessible to All
  • Mobile-First

May 2016 - Analytics For Everyone & How Can We Get There

A mobile, more connected world exists more than ever before. Mobile devices, wearables and connected products are creating more data than ever before, increasing the need for data mining and analysis across every facet of your business. The pace of change is unrelenting and amid the barrage of information, employees must make decisions faster than ever before.

May 2016 - Analytics For Everyone & How Can We Get There

Most businesses can’t cope with the data influx, with outdated IT architectures, business unit silos and disparate systems hamper decision making among employees. Download the PDF infographic for a great overview of the scale of the problem facing businesses right now.

  • 41% claim that their systems can’t make sense of large volumes of data from different sources
  • 30% claim trouble in identifying useful data
  • 21% say senior management is fully prepared to make their most important decisions in the next 12 months

April 2016 - Report Now Available On How Top IT Teams are Moving to Mobile

We are living and working in a mobile-driven era. Nearly 65% of Americans overall and 85% of people between 18 and 30 now own smartphones. This is changing the way people shop, read, communicate, eat, travel, work and behave in all contexts of life. In order to be successful today, companies need to prioritise their mobile activities and plans for the future. There is nothing more frustrating to a modern-day user than not being able to easily access information from their phone. This is why nearly 90% of apps launching in the next 12-18 months by IT teams will be created with a mobile-first mind set rather than a PC first approach as reported by Salesforce® Research’s “2016 State of IT” report.

April 2016 - Report Now Available On How Top IT Teams are Moving to Mobile

Interested in learning more about how top IT teams are making the move towards mobile? Download the full report by clicking the image above.

  • Embracing Digital Transformation - In order for businesses to provide the most satisfying mobile experience for customers, the company must complete its evolution into the digital age
  • Investing Heavily in Customer-Facing and Mobile Apps - In the age of the customer, businesses are expected to operate on the consumer’s turf. Companies that are shaping their business model around customer preferences are the companies that are causing disruption in their markets
  • Creating Employee Productivity Apps - Customers aren’t the only ones looking for easy-to-use apps, employees expect to be able to use their phone to perform daily tasks, also
  • Bridging the Skills Gap - One-third of IT teams struggle to keep skills current with emerging technology and top teams are bridging the gap with training, development tools, and (ironically) technology

March 2016 - Salesforce® Quarterly Figures Back Growth Showing The Cloud Industry Is Resistant To An IT Slowdown

Salesforce®’s latest quarterly figures into 2016 look to have reversed the conventional viewpoint of a slowdown in the cloud based IT sector. Salesforce®.com recently reported strong fourth-quarter results and remains a positive growth story in a very competitive market. Fourth-quarter revenue was up 25% from a year ago as reported by Salesforce® in the last few days.

March 2016 - Salesforce® Quarterly Figures Back Growth Sowing The Cloud Industry Is Resistant To An IT Slowdown

Before the Salesforce® released its figures, many analysts were looking for signs of a downturn in the cloud industry, which reported that the cloud software leaders are regarded as a barometer for conditions across the cloud and IT industry in a wider context. Some competing cloud software companies had reported a slowing down of sales so many analysts were looking for proof of a downturn in the cloud industry. The recent financials reported by Salesforce® prove that not only is it a market leader, but it is also a growing market leader.

February 2016 - Salesforce® Continues Growth Globally To Become Market Leader

Salesforce® continues to grow into 2016 across all continents as presented in the visual graph below. Compared to others around it, Salesforce® has become the clear market leader since formation in 1999. Salesforce® CEO Marc Benioff says the company is outselling the others because of this huge change in sales whereby CEO’s are making the transactions rather than IT Directors.

February 2016 - Salesforce® Continues Growth Globally To Become Market Leader

Salesforce® has now overtaken two of the largest legacy vendors as they are also in decline for CRM applications. Salesforce® is now almost double the size in market share from where it was five years ago. Salesforce® just delivered another strong quarter that topped Wall Street estimates and raised its revenue guidance. Salesforce® CEO Marc Benioff stated “there is one big difference between Salesforce® and its competitors that is it really helping selling larger deals. This was the appeal of Salesforce® directly to CEO’s. Enterprise sales are historically undertaken via Senior IT Officers, who make the final decision on what technology to buy for the company.”

In some cases, software makers offer free versions in hopes of making them go viral within companies, thereby bypassing the senior-level decision makers. Full revenue figures for Salesforce® for the full year of 2015 were US $5.373 billion which is up from US $4.071 billion in 2014.

January 2016 - Solutions Page Launched Showing Product Videos

Several of our products and services are presented in short videos offering an insight into the key features and benefits of flagship Salesforce® software applications. To support Salesforce® implementations we have developed a “high design” approach to Salesforce® projects. This approach is based on the principle of “high design-simple build” and ensures projects are delivered on time with minimal re-work.

Solutions Page Launched Showing Product Videos

We have a number of videos presenting Salesforce® features and benefits including the following:

  • SALESFORCE SALES CLOUD - Sales Cloud lets you stay on top of daily business activities wherever you are. From meetings to deals, to opportunities & beyond.
  • SALESFORCE SERVICE CLOUD - Service Cloud lets you provide amazing customer service, connecting your customers to your agents faster from anywhere.
  • SALESFORCE1 MOBILE APP - Finally, you can run your business from your phone faster, keep track of the day, dial directly into meetings, log a task, update opportunities, and find the fastest path to close the deal.
  • WHAT IS FORCE.COM - is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product designed to simplify the development and deployment of cloud-based applications and websites.

To find out more about our solutions page showing product videos, please click here.

December 2015 - Season’s Greetings From Sandyx

We would like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to all of our staff, stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customers for your support during 2015. We are looking forward to 2016 and working with all of you next year. Season’s greetings from all of us and we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Season’s Greetings From Sandyx

November 2015 - Sandyx Confirmed As Approved Supplier For G Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace

Sandyx has been confirmed as an approved supplier for the G Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace for use by Public Sector organisations. The G Cloud is a purchasing framework that allows UK public sector organisations to select and purchase Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specialist Cloud services from approved suppliers.

Sandyx Confirmed As Approved Supplier For G Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace

Sandyx has been approved for:

Sandyx has a proven track record of assisting Local Government organisations increase operating efficiency, improve customer service and reduce operation overheads. AnyCAL is an intelligent booking system, built on the Salesforce® platform and integrates seamlessly with an existing Salesforce® implementation.

October 2015 - Sandyx Identifies Increased Demand For Single Customer View

Large conglomerates wish to better understand the quality of their relationships with customers and suppliers in multiple business units. A complexity is a single account can engage both as a customer and supplier.

Sandyx Identifies Increased Demand For Single Customer View

The Manheim Group are an example of this. In some cases, an organisation who purchased fleets from them are supplying the same fleet for auction within two years. In addition, they provide dealer websites, and online and off-site auctions.

Sandyx has implemented Salescloud in Manheim to embed processes and extract data from all surrounding systems and present the total engagement in a single consolidated view. This ensures that all relevant staff have knowledge of the client and can engage comprehensively to best support them and provide additional services.

To find out more about our work with Manheim, please click here.

September 2015 - New Sandyx Website Launched

As part of our ongoing Internet Strategy we have recently launched our new website which provides information for Salesforce® Implementation, Mobile Solutions, Application Development, Application Support, AnyCAL, MediCAL, Facilit8, Products, Services and the latest news from the industry sector.

New Sandyx Website Launched

The new website is mobile ready for smartphones, tablets and PC’s. The next 12 months will see a number of investments and developments at Sandyx including product and service development, staff, training and significant investment in a number of projects which we plan to start in 2016. We have several projects at drawing board level which will also take us beyond the next 12 months into 2016 as we continue to expand.

August 2015 - Sandyx Supports Talking Therapies For NHS

Insight provide a range of counselling, support and physiological services to CCGs and the NHS. To ensure that they could provide these services throughout the UK, they implemented Salescloud in 2014 and into 2015.

Sandyx Supports Talking Therapies For NHS

A key element of the implementation is the Salescloud based MediCAL solution, an intelligent booking system that allows healthcare providers to track client progress through a series of consultations and treatments, from first contact to final discharge. It provides operators an intuitive and easy to use interface for booking appointments, allowing them to select the most convenient location for clients. MediCAL also helps to maximise the efficiency of practitioners, venues and rooms with specialist equipment.

To find out more about our work with Insight Healthcare, please click here.

July 2015 - Sandyx Wins Major Contract With GENeco

Sandyx has recently won a major contract with GENeco, the waste management division of Wessex Water to provide a Salescloud solution for scheduling suppliers, sub-contractors, internal resources and waste capacity with the objective of improving throughput and enhancing customer service.

Sandyx Wins Major Contract With GENeco

The solution uses the Sandyx scheduling solution AnyCAL, a highly visual and flexible calendar system. AnyCAL enables resources which do not have licenses to be scheduled and ensures throughput optimisation. The Customer Community capability presents real time data at the time of booking, enabling customers and sub-contractors to decide which treatment centres have availability to process contracted waste.

June 2015 - Local Government Association Goes Live With Salescloud To Improve Talent Management

Talent Bank is a key service delivered by East of England L.G.A. and provides access to a shared pool of high quality associates with specialist expertise in priority services. It offers a quick and easy way for local councils to access additional capacity and expertise when needed.

Local Government Association Goes Live With Salescloud To Improve Talent Management

Sandyx’s implementation improved the ability of East of England L.G.A. to collaborate with suppliers, staff, sub-contractors and other councils. The key benefits included; consolidating all relevant data for local councils, associates, business opportunities and the East of England L.G.A. into one system, implementing automated assignments and alerts and increasing the capacity to fulfil requests by over 60%.

To find out more about our work with East of England L.G.A, please click here.

June 2010 - Microsoft Insists Windows 10 Does Not Scan Emails For Advert Purposes

Company responds to privacy fears clarifying what data it collects, claiming transmission of personally identifiable information can be disabled.

Microsoft Insists Windows 10 Does Not Scan Emails For Advert Purposes

Microsoft has responded to Windows 10 users’ privacy fears by insisting that it does not scan emails, messages or files for advertising purposes. When Windows 10 launched some users complained that Microsoft had compromised their privacy due to its default settings. It was later revealed that even when all data collection settings were turned off Windows 10 still sent identifiable data to Microsoft.

Now Microsoft has moved to clarify the types of data it collects. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president of Windows and Devices said: "No matter what privacy options you choose, neither Windows 10 nor any other Microsoft software scans the content of your email or other communications, or your files, in order to deliver targeted advertising to you." Myerson explained that Windows 10 collects two types of data. The first is designed to help Microsoft and third-parties identify bugs or problems in software – items such as crash logs, system information and other diagnostic data. "This doesn’t include any of your content or files," says Myerson. "And we take several steps to avoid collecting any information that directly identifies you, such as your name, email address or account ID."

May 2015 - Big Data Poses Storage Challenges In Australia & New Zealand

Big data is like digging for gold, except you must keep every single rock. Computer weekly unearths some challenges.

Big Data Poses Storage Challenges In Australia & New Zealand

Organisations are getting to grips with the fact that the data generated by and for their business is hugely valuable – and also just plain huge. It contains nuggets of intelligence, seams of rich information and lodes of insight. And, to continue that metaphor, it must be mined carefully to fulfil its potential.

The mining side of things is handled by the new wave of data scientists and analysts, with the software tools of their trade being written almost as fast as the data is generated. But, to stretch the metaphor even further, how do you store the rocks that you haven’t yet fully mined? Where do you keep the ore?

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