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I Need Help With Salesforce®

In addition to enhancing your Salesforce® implementation and integrating with third party solutions Sandyx provides a range of other services to support the Salesforce® community.

Build Quality Review

Sandyx will review the quality of your existing Salesforce® org to ensure that it is supporting your evolving business requirements and that it is utilising the latest Salesforce® efficiency and productivity tool set. We will then make a number of recommendations which may include small to large scale improvements.

Professional Services

Sandyx normally takes a project approach to the provision of professional services, however if required we can provide a range of professional services to work with you to enhance the quality of your salesforce solutions. These resources can include:

  • APEX and Visual Force developers
  • Salesforce® configuration expertise
  • Web services expertise
  • Integration expertise
  • Programme Management


As part of the Build Quality Review, Sandyx will analyse the current skillset available in your company and determine where training is required. This could be on a technical level but in many cases involves non-technical support training.

Application Support

Frequently Sandyx will take over the support and ongoing enhancements of in-house and third party Salesforce® applications. Having reviewed these applications, we will develop with the client a support plan with agreed response times and SLAs. This ensures that the client has continual support to keep their mission critical applications running in a quality, stable and consistent manner.

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